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Until recently, the commonly used model of cooperation in the field of construction investments was the “Build” model. It was based on the implementation of design assumptions of an architecture office by a construction company – contractor, unrelated to the design office. Currently, this model is being replaced by the “Design-build” formula, which expands the scope of responsibilities, increases the potential of opportunities on the part of the Contractor and, most importantly, provides the Investor with a number of benefits and a sense of security in business development.

Characteristics of the “Design-build” formula

The main aspect that distinguishes this model from the “Build” formula is a wider spectrum of activities that the Company, as our Partner, undertakes. As the name suggests, the model includes both design and construction works. In this formula, the Contractor has more responsibilities – he is responsible not only for the design, but also for other activities until the moment of obtaining an occupancy permit.
The “Design-build” model starts with an analysis of needs, possibilities, purpose and expectations of the Investor. After their identification, advisors of companies operating in such a system – for example, Amwin – provide comprehensive and substantive support. They provide advice on matters relating to the location of properties, they commission a ground survey and help to obtain a building permit, etc. On the basis of the identified needs of the Investor, we proceed to the design preparation – starting from the creation of an architectural concept in the form of visualizations, and ending with the implementation of an all-discipline building permit design. It is a milestone to take further steps, namely to start the construction of the building.

Most important benefits of the “Design-Build” model

– Saving the Investor’s time – thanks to the involvement of one company in the implementation of the entire project. The whole investment is supervised by 1 person representing the company – contract manager, who remains in constant contact with the Investor. It is him who acts as an intermediary and exchanges information between specialists dealing with particular stages of the project. In the “Design-build” model, the company’s employees relieve the Clients of many activities, dealing with formalities on their behalf (e.g. representing them in offices, consulting the designers with contractors on the construction site on an ongoing basis, etc.). The Investor saves time due to the fact that he consults with the contract manager, who supervises the whole process, adheres to deadlines, takes care of the quality of works and materials on behalf of the Investor, etc.
– Saving the Investor’s money – by outsourcing both the design and general contracting to one company, we usually get a lower price for the whole project, compared to the model in which we would use the services of two separate units. Construction companies understand the Investor’s needs and, in return for his loyalty and trust, offer a lower price.
– Shorter investment completion time – due to a smooth and efficient transition from one stage to the next. Employees from several industries employed by one company have a schedule of works from the beginning of the investment process, which assumes smooth implementation of individual investment stages. In the “Design-build” model there are no downtimes or delays. According to the established plan, employees of particular departments and levels and the necessary equipment are available at any given time. The organisation of work looks completely different than in the “patchwork” approach to the implementation of the investment process.

– Efficient circulation of information – which is greatly facilitated by the fact that the flow of all data takes place between the contractor and the Investor (there is no additional intermediary company, which should also be informed about the progress in implementing the whole project).

– Optimal building design – designers who are in constant contact with the future contractor on the construction site (because they work in one organisation) – look at the project in a more practical way than “artists”, whose task ends when the design is accepted by the Client. From the beginning of the concept creation process they know the budget that the Investor has allocated for the implementation of the whole project. This ensures a practical approach, optimal not only in terms of the applied solutions, but also in terms of implementation time and, most importantly, the Client’s budget. In the “Design-build” model, it is the designer who selects the building materials, technologies for the construction of individual modules and assembly systems. Thanks to the fact that the designer is also a contractor, the design is optimised. Companies such as Amwin guarantee the price from the tender stage. This excludes a situation in which the contractor proposes a price higher than the one estimated by the design office, not related to the construction company. In the case of a cooperation formula limited to “Build”, such situations are not uncommon.

– Elimination of conflict situations – the designer and general contractor in one person means one work structure and one organisational scheme. In the case of several subcontractors, these areas do not always overlap and there are often misunderstandings.


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