Our company is made up of a competent and flexible team of specialists: Contract Directors and Engineers, Constructors, Construction Managers and Engineers, as well as our own construction teams. These people and their project experience are very important to us, and operate using our own, tested solution systems, implemented in optimal time frames. This approach guarantees the highest quality of service, as well as a high standard of technologies used in the construction process.

Our design and construction services comprise a wide range of technologies available on the market. Through their proper selection, our buildings can be optimised with regard to their purpose, reducing both construction and operating costs. A full-discipline design takes into account functionality and economics, which is why we ensure that the proper logistical and technological solutions are implemented which ensure effectiveness and comfort at work. We focus on technologies which match the building, creating a precise architectural concept and ensuring the highest quality of design which is fit for purpose, whereby meeting the client’s expectations. Our comprehensive offer includes cutting-edge technologies at all stages of the project. Using the right solutions ensures that the result is a safe and efficient structure, and using materials from reputable providers greatly increases its life expectancy.


We utilise all technologies available on the Polish market for office buildings, production, logistics, storage, commercial and specialist halls. We offer assistance in selecting the right solutions depending on your needs. We take into account pricing criteria, fire safety conditions, size, insurer expectations, use of overhead cranes or racks as well as aesthetic value. Commercial buildings must utilise high-quality materials which do not generate significant additional costs, but still make the building stand out from the crowd. We have quality, reputation and the trust of our clients on our side, as demonstrated by our many recommendations. More than 80% of our clients have heard of us from other satisfied partners.


Many wall technologies are available on the Polish market for office buildings and production, industrial, storage, commercial and specialist facilities. We recommend the best solutions based on the individual needs of our clients. We take into account such criteria as air-tightness, thermal performance, fire safety solutions, life expectancy, completion time, building width, insurer expectations and price. In addition to our range of wall solutions, we offer tested roof water drainage solutions, as well as a roof flashing system.


1. Composite panel facade
Composite panels are made of two aluminium sheets joined with a plastic core. The materials used in their manufacturing make them very easy to bend. The panels can be bent at a right angle or in an arch.
2. HPL facade
HPL boards are made of a laminate produced under high pressure, and have a plethora of applications. Their wide range of textures and colours makes HPL boards a great substitute for wood or other materials.
3. Sintered quartz facade
Sintered quartz is made of natural materials ranging from clays to granite and ceramic pigments. The granulate obtained in the production process is compacted, and a high temperature is used to achieve the final product.

4. Fibre cement board facade
Fibre cement boards are made of Portland cement, cellulose fibre and filler. A wide range of colours and textures can be obtained thanks to various methods of mixing ingredients and processing. Manufacturers offer through-dyed boards and boards coated with paint with a grainy or smooth surface
5. Sheet metal facade
Sheet metal is a widely used material in industrial construction. Differently shaped sheets are used, sporting various colours, in addition to optional perforations.
6. Sandwich panel technology facade
Sandwich panels consist of two steel sheets and a structural-insulating core. They are used as a type of light wall cladding with increased fire resistance. The variety of textures and colours available can be used to create interesting designs.

7. Architectural concrete facade
Architectural concrete has a wide range of uses, from poured flooring to concrete slabs and wall formwork. The production process makes it possible to obtain different concrete textures, and dyes can be used to meet the aesthetic needs and requirements of the client.
8. Plasterwork facade
External plastering not only protects the walls of the building from damage, but also serves as decoration. The material comes in many varieties, including different colours and kinds of plaster.
9. Ceramic facade
Ceramic tiles are characterised by the highest quality, resistance to low temperatures, as well as durability. In addition, this material is available in a rich palette of colours and finishes, as well as being easy to assemble.

10. COR-TEN facade
COR-TEN is a steel alloy with increased resistance to weather conditions. The patina-covered, brown-red surface is easy to work with, making it a great choice for a variety of applications.
11. Expanded metal mesh facade
Expanded metal is made of a variety of materials, including regular or galvanized steel plates, aluminium and colourful metals. The manufacturing process involves notching and stretching sheet metal, resulting in a metal mesh. The mesh comes in rolls, and can be cut or straightened to match the client’s specifications.
12. Fibre-reinforced concrete facade
Fibre-reinforced concrete is concrete reinforced with glass fibre, combining the advantages of both materials. It is strong, easy to work with, durable like concrete, but also thin-walled, fire-resistant and light thanks to its glass fibre content. It can be used to create slender elements with high tensile strength.


In addition to a range of roof covering options, we offer tested lightning protection solutions, attics, emergency overflows, skylight layouts and waterproofing options, as well as all other types of work necessary to ensure safety of use and a long life expectancy. We offer all types of roofing available on the Polish market for offices, as well as production, storage, commercial, industrial and specialist buildings. We offer advice when you are in doubt as to which solution is best for you, taking into account pricing and aesthetics.

Dach hali po odśnieżeniu


External networks include underground technical infrastructure, including sewage, water, electrical and gas systems.

Sanitary networks include solutions related to water networks and systems, in particular its key elements such as connections, water meter wells, external hydrants and fire water tanks.

Electrical networks include solutions which supply power to a building, as well as other necessary devices. They include external lighting, in particular along access roads and at gates, as well as building entrances and doors.

Spatial management includes construction work solutions related to road and manoeuvre area planning, parking spots, green areas, fencing, lighting, building positioning and external network layout.


This is a multidisciplinary part of a construction project. It requires analysing many aspects which affect the final valuation. There are many solutions available on the market, but to choose those which are economically and ecologically optimal, you need a team of engineers, designers and contractors working together.

Sanitary systems include solutions such as water supply and sewage systems with piping, clamp systems, fixtures and sanitary whiteware. They include ventilation systems, including their type, machinery and channels, and various types of heat sources and heating systems. They also include fire protection systems featuring the appropriate number and type of internal hydrants, penetrations and fire valves and sprinkler systems.

Electrical systems include solutions such as a building’s power supply and the type of connection to the electrical network. They also include fire protection systems including emergency light fixtures, fire switches, fire alarm systems installed in consultation with fire protection experts, lighting systems including the type of fixtures and illuminance which depend on the work place and type of room etc., bonding and lightning protection systems.


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