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Anyone considering the construction of a facility for their company must consider the requirement to collect the complete set of documentation, including construction designs and building permits. Without a full set of documents, visits to offices and, above all, an understanding of the entire construction administration process, it is impossible to begin implementing even the most carefully planned design. When the decision to build an office building, warehouse or shopping mall has been made, it is time to go on the road so that the design can be transformed into an actual structure. Essentially this involves the following:

  1. Creating an initial architectural concept

It should be prepared by a professional design office. It contains all the primary and very important information and assumptions on the planned construction: the size and purpose of the building, footprint and the type of materials to be used during the construction. A well-prepared concept includes a sketch of the planned building, an architectural plan, a map for design purposes, the building cross-section and visualizations. It also includes a land development plan, which specifies the building location, road layout, logistics, number and locations of parking spaces, etc. A solid concept is based on the results of a geotechnical study, information from utility providers, etc., so it is a good idea to entrust its preparation to experienced professionals.


  1. A visit to the city or gmina district authorities

During the visit to these local authorities, it is important to ask a fundamental question: is there a zoning plan in place? If there is such a plan, you need to submit a request for a copy and the associated drawings. If there is no such documentation, it is necessary to submit a request for zoning approval, which should include such information as: purpose of the building, area and size of development, type of electric power supply, water drainage and supply method and the biologically active area. To submit a request, you must also specify such parameters as: required hardening, number of parking spaces, access method and features of the planned structures, such as fire tanks. There are also situations that require a decision on environmental conditions.


  1. Preparing a full construction design

A construction design must contain complete information regarding: architecture, land development, construction, technology, electrical and sanitary systems, and the road infrastructure. Preparation of a full construction design requires consultation with institutions operating near the construction site, such as the road authority or conservation officer.

  1. Submitting a request for a building permit

Only after collecting a complete set of documents can you handle the formalities and submit a request for a building permit to the Department of Architecture and Construction at the local Poviat Office. The path through the formalities may extend even further, depending on the type of project. In the case of production buildings, you need to obtain an environmental decision. To obtain one, you must submit a request to the City Hall, which then goes to the Regional Directorate for Environmental Protection. In some cases, you should obtain a permit required by the Water Law, by submitting a request to the Polish Waters National Water Management.



Formalities – no need to undertake them yourself

An extensive formalities path can discourage any investor. In moments like these, experienced companies such as ours come to your rescue. Amwin Contract Managers – providing comprehensive support for each client and their projects. In addition to preparing a full construction design and general contracting, we guide the client through the entire process, monitoring the construction administration schedule. Since we have been operating on the market for 25 years, we know when, how and where to go, what requests to submit, how to write them, what conditions should be met and when we can expect an answer. Under the granted power of attorney, we represent clients in administrative authorities and gather all the necessary documentation. We prepare all the materials, obtain building permits and take all the measures necessary to start working on the project. The client is never alone, and we can be sure that the documentation is completed and in accordance with the current industry requirements. When considering which contractor to choose, pay attention to how much time can be saved by contracting the project to professionals.


If you are looking for a designer and reliable contractor for an office building, hall or commercial building, you are in the right place.
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