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Environmental awareness, respect for nature, following the rules of protecting its resources and counteracting environmental hazards are the fundamental principles to be followed in all industries, in a time when our planet is faced with a crisis. The construction industry is one of the most important parts of the economy, and has a direct impact on the natural environment. The final products, namely buildings, can alter or coexist with nature depending on how we plan their construction and use for the decades or centuries of their existence. The construction sector is responsible for 25% of the global demand of resources and generates 36% of all waste. Pro-ecological and environmentally-conscious building is an effective way of reducing natural resource use. Our environmental responsibility manifests in our Green Amwin philosophy, which is a set of eco-friendly solutions we have developed and offer our clients at the design stage.


This philosophy entails designing and general contracting with the aim of creating energy-saving and low-emission buildings, using technologies and materials which have a positive impact on the environment. The approach combines ecological building solutions and environmentally-friendly use principles. It entails effective management of natural resources, reduction of waste and pollutant emissions, protection of the health of users and improvement of employee comfort at work.
Creating an eco-friendly building requires close cooperation between designers, architects, engineers and builders at all project stages.

Our model and multidisciplinary team enable a comprehensive approach to these principles. Our designers recommend green solutions starting at the earliest stages of the project, opting for eco-friendly materials. On the construction site, our engineers ensure that the material processing and assembly process does not harm the environment, and that the solutions used are in harmony with nature, not fighting against it. Clients may also consider the importance of the economic aspects of our Green Amwin solutions. For example, using renewable energy systems increases energy efficiency, reducing operating costs and increasing the building’s life expectancy. Eco-friendly EU programmes promote sustainable building, granting funding to those who care about the environment. We suggest such energy-efficient and material-saving solutions as LED systems, heat recovery systems, photovoltaic panels, thermal insulation and more. We also offer our knowledge of how to acquire this funding, and deal with the formalities necessary to receive it.


Our office building on Kaliska Street in Września is a perfect example of implementing green solutions in our everyday lives – it is a smart building. It is equipped with a photovoltaic system which supplies it with energy and helps reduce harmful carbon dioxide emissions, as well as resulting in lower electricity bills. The building participates in an air pollution monitoring programme and has a smog sensor installed on its facade as part of Airly – the European air quality monitoring system. An air filtration and heat recovery system not only ensures that we breathe clean air at work, but also reduce energy use and, as a result, the building's operating costs. Throughout the day, we monitor the levels of renewable energy production and air pollution. Our office building is also fitted with systems which increase its safety, including protection from flooding, fire monitoring and an automated electrical energy management system. In practice, after the last person has left the building for the day, the system carries out several operations which increase the building's safety and reduce its operating costs. These automated solutions are what is referred to as smart building technologies. In addition, we possess a high-class utility water purification system, which has enabled us to stop using plastic bottles.


Rational and economical building operation
Wise resource management in the construction process
Higher energy efficiency of our buildings
Using environmentally-friendly materials
Buildings perfectly matching their environment, without marring the landscape
Increased likelihood of receiving EU funding

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