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Creating a functional building to store goods and cargo is never an easy task, and this can be for more than just practical reasons. Therefore, when considering how to plan a storage area, many aspects must be considered at the same time. The first things to consider are:

– is the warehouse area dedicated only to the storage of goods, or should there also be utility rooms or a staff and office part, for example?

– what kind of products will be stored in the building? Is the storage of the goods subject to specific legal regulations, sanitary requirements, special conditions inside the building, etc.?

– what types of internal transport will be used and what forms of external transport will need direct access to the building? This determines how to design the loading/unloading area and what systems are required to optimise the loading system.

– how many and what types of loading/unloading zones are optimal for the warehouse users?

– how should the space be planned to minimise the handling of goods, guarantee easy access to cargo, ensure the best possible rotation and enable easy inspection of the number of products stored? It is important to carefully establish not only the storage areas, but also those for loading/unloading, receipt and shipment – quality control, order picking, etc.

– is it worth preparing the building for future expansion – if so, to what extent?


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These are just some of the questions we ask investors when arranging the warehouse space at the design stage. This is very important, as many items may change during the design phase. We are flexible in this respect and are willing to introduce warehouse solutions that can meet the company’s development plans and provide greater optimisation of the space. The option of making modifications allows us to create an ergonomic space that fully meets the current and, if necessary, future needs of the users.

We ensure that the interview with the client is as detailed as possible, so that we can prepare a design that precisely corresponds to their current and future needs, such as moving around the warehouse with forklifts, introducing high-storage racks, developing a skylight system for sufficient interior light levels and many other solutions.

With our detailed knowledge, we can arrange the warehouse area in such a way as to maximise its spatial and functional potential. We are able to skilfully use the building layout, providing users with the ability to store and warehouse various types of goods. We use modern solutions to ensure maximum benefits from the warehouse space. When designing buildings and planning interior layouts, we consider innovative solutions that support the needs of our investors, bearing in mind any environmental consequences. When creating designs for logistic buildings, we also offer investors “green solutions” – environmentally-friendly materials and technologies that work well with nature during construction and throughout the period of building use.


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